The mission of Samuel’s House has never been more critical

In the current economy, there are a number of people and families that can find themselves homeless with the ever increasing prices.

If that’s the case in the Keys, Samuel’s House could be an option.

Maria Protopsaltis, Deputy Director of Samuel’s House, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about the organization.

Founded in 1999, Samuel’s House provides shelter and essential services to women and children. The organization now has three facilities with communal living space. One of the facilities houses in-tact families and men with children as well.

It’s important to remember that men can also find themselves in need of emergency housing.

Samuel’s House has definitely seen an increase in families who need help due to the economy.

Protopsaltis said, “Things changed during the pandemic. We never shut down. We’re at full capacity and will be full again at the end of this week. It is a major situation. We’re definitely following along and doing our best to support everyone who calls.”

The inspiration to continue to do the work are the success stories.

Protopsaltis said, “I get goosebumps and cry every time I hear them share.”

Ongoing fundraising needs exist all the time.

One way people can help is through Project 368 and David Castro, the ultra-runner. Castro is planning to do a fundraiser for Samuel’s House in three different races, including the Keys 100.

Protopsaltis said, “He found himself homeless in Orlando and 368 was the number of miles that he actually moved to get to the Keys to find himself and overcome a lot of challenging things, including trauma, homelessness and mental health issues.”

The next race he’ll be running is 135 miles on July 11. You actually have to apply and get accepted to the race. It takes place in Death Valley. Runners need to send in a resume to apply.

Protopsaltis explained, “He and his team have to fly out a week early to get acclimated to the weather. He’s been just non-stop training, on a very, very regimented and disciplined training schedule as well as with his diet and exercise. It’s just, it’s incredible. It’s the most challenging race that he’s signed up for in his life.”

You can follow the progress on Samuel’s House website and Facebook page.

Samuel’s House is always looking for volunteers.

If you can’t give your time, you could always sponsor a meal at Samuel’s House for the residents.

They also have different drives throughout the years for supplies like diapers or socks or additional food or make hygiene packets.

Protopsaltis said, “I always like to sign off with a thank you and lots of gratitude for all the support that we shared and received.”

For more information, click here: or call 305-296-0240.