Get your tickets for a concert to benefit Hurricane Ian victims

November is shaping up to be a busy time with boat races in the Keys as well as a concert to help donate to people displaced by Hurricane Ian.

The World Race Offshore Power Boats will be coming to the area in November and the Boats and Boots concert will be held on November 12 from 5 to 10 p.m. at the Key West Amphitheater.

John Daly, Eddie Montgomery and Brian Kelley will perform and tickets are on sale now and can be found here:

Rick Lindsey, CEO of Prime Insurance and XINSURANCE, is sponsoring the concert. 

He said the company is “happy to do our part.” 

Lindsey has been in the insurance business more than 40 years and found a need for insurance not covered by conventional insurance as well for high-risk individuals. 

Lindsey said, “Insurance is kind of a stupid business as everybody in Florida currently sees. Down there it’s like a perfect experiment how not to provide insurance. Every ten years the companies down there go broke.”

At XINSURANCE the motto is do it right, or don’t do it. 

Lindsey said, “As an insurance professional, I’m promoting the fact that we need to do our job. If I take your money, I need to give you the coverage you need, including wind and flood. I have to underwrite your property. I have to do it right. I have to fix your house. What happens now is insurance companies take your money and they exclude flood or wind or they give you a big deductible and within a couple years, the lawyers sue everybody and they make a lot of money. So I believe the power is in our hands and we just have to do our part. Insurers have to pay more money. The premiums in Florida are half of what they are in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, any other coastal state that only has one coast. Florida has three coasts, more storms, more properties. So we’ve all got to do our part and so that’s what I’ve been doing for 40 years.” 

Lindsey has been through Hurricane Katrina and he knows it’s important to show up, so he toured the Keys to look at damage done by Hurricane Ian.

He said, “When what could happens does happen, we shouldn’t be surprised. That’s just what is so frustrating to me. It’s like nobody expects this stuff to happen. It’s been happening since the beginning of time.”

Preparation really is the key. 

Lindsey said, “That’s when you need a good partner. You don’t need a crappy insurance company. You need a good partner that’s going to step up, do the right thing and then keep insuring you. Not go broke or run away and not do it anymore. Why did they ever write hurricane insurance if they didn’t want to deal with claims. Oh, I guess they were hoping that hurricanes wouldn’t happen anymore and they’d just collect free money.” 

XINSURANCE has more than 90,000 policies issued and more than 70,000 claims have been managed. 

A lot of insurance is about common sense. 

Lindsey said, “A partnership requires both partners to do their part. High risk comes with people who don’t expect to do their part and are unreasonable going into the partnership. Buyers should stop focusing on the cheapest insurance and sign the best partner that they can trust to stick with them through thick and thin.” 

With the World Race Offshore Power Boats coming into the area, that’s a particularly high risk category, but Lindsey is involved. 

He said, “Last year was my first year in the boat races. We were just there to kind of get a lay of the land and figure it out. Key West is really a fun place, a unique place. Anybody can take you golfing in some fancy golf course.”

Lindsey likes Key West so much he went door to door after Hurricane Ian to see who needed help. 

With the Boats and Boots concert, he’s going to donate money to help. 

Lindsey said, “Hopefully we can make it a great event and meet a lot of people and if there’s anything anybody thinks we could do better, just let us know.” 

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