If you’d like help with your energy costs, look to the sun

If you’ve been considering solar energy, now is the time.

Frank Rosa from Florida Solar Partners joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about the advantages of solar energy.

Taking energy from the sun is essentially what solar energy is all about and it can cut home utility costs rather dramatically.

Add to that the Solar Investment Tax Credit and you could get 30% off a solar system installed on your home.

Rosa said, “You would actually be able to own your own little power plant on your roof. You get to own it. You’re not renting. That’s the big advantage of it.”

If you generate more power than you’re actually using, you could actually sell some back to the grid.

“You could kind of subsidize the cost of your system if you’re generating more than you’re actually using,” Rosa said. “It’s a great, great benefit.”

The solar panels actually held during the hurricane and you can see the photos on Florida Solar Partners’ website.

Rosa said, “The solar system will actually create an extra layer of protection for your roof.”

Solar panels also provide a back up if the power grid would happen to go down. It would mean you still have power.

Rosa said, “That is a huge advantage. If you have children, if you have elderly people, take advantage of having power through a storm. I talked to some folks over the weekend in the Tampa area. They were out of power for about eight days. That’s a long time to be without power.”

Solar power could be a big help with the increased energy costs we have been seeing.

Rosa said, “I would not wait if I’m looking at a solar system because again, every time the Fed raises that rate, everything goes up and solar is no exception.”

The price of natural gas has doubled since May 2022, which means the costs will continue to go up.

Rosa said, “The cost of your energy for 2023 is going to the through the roof.”

Florida Solar Partners has an SOS holiday plan.

Rosa said, “We will cover your first nine months worth of payments. That’s for your new system. We will help you out. This is your holiday gift.”

Call Florida Solar Partners at 305-330-6868 to get that deal.

Rosa said, “Don’t wait. The cost of energy is going to continue to go through the roof. The good thing about going solar, your solar system, your monthly payment stays frozen. It stays the same. It doesn’t go up every month. The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it’s open. Give us a call.”

For more information, click here: https://www.floridasolarpartners.com/