It’s time for a Haunted Lagoon!

Anne denOtter, Outreach Coordinator for Marine Lab Environmental Education Center, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about an upcoming event.

The Haunted Lagoon will be happening this weekend.

denOtter said, “Marine Lab is a marine science education facility. We are located up in Key Largo. We basically host school groups from all across the country. They come, they stay with us overnight. We teach the kids all about the ocean. We do lots of hands-on labs with them. We take them out on our boats, and they actually get to go snorkeling with us in all of the habitats that they learned about in the classroom. It’s a pretty great place.”

The Haunted Lagoon will take place at the Key Largo Under Sea Park.

denOtter explained, “Right next to our property, we have kind of like a protected lagoon area. In there is where the Jules’ Undersea Lodge is. It is an underwater hotel. So people can scuba dive down and stay overnight underwater, which is really, really awesome.”

A record breaking stay of 100 days just happened recently.

And now the lagoon is going to be haunted tomorrow from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

denOtter said, “We will have lots of stuff going on. There will be lots of stations set up on land for people that are a little too afraid to hop in the lagoon at night. But for the people that are feeling brave enough to snorkel, they are going to walk through our haunted tunnel first. Then they will exit right at the entrance of the lagoon. We’ll get them set up with snorkel gear if they don’t have their own and then they’ll do a nice 10 to 15 minute snorkel through the water, hopefully after it gets a little bit dark. We’ll have people kind of stationed around to pop out and scare you. We’re going have two mermaids in the water that you can check out while you’re in there. And we’ll have a creature of the Black Lagoon hiding somewhere around.”

Some of the creatures will be on the surface and others will be fully underwater, but the evening will be perfectly safe.

denOtter said, “It’s going to be awesome.”

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