Let’s check in with the city of Marathon

Robyn Still, Vice Mayor of Marathon, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about what’s been going on in Marathon.

A recent graduation of Leadership Monroe occurred in Marathon of the 30th graduating class.

Still said, “It was a wonderful program.”

Leadership Monroe gives participants the ability to learn about all aspects of Monroe County.

Still said, “This program is designed to connect leaders over the entirety of the Keys. We’re over a 100-mile stretch and it’s awfully hard sometimes to be able to meet leaders and this program brings you all together and you meet people from all industries. People from all aspects and all areas who are dedicated to making our community better. The bonds that you form with your class members and also the alumni, you can’t really describe.”

The connections that are made often last a lifetime.

The last session began in October and ended this month.

Still said, “Once a month we met. One of our favorite trips, we had a trip to the Everglades. You learn things about our environment that I never knew. How many times our water here is tested a day – it’s over 200 times a day. I urge anybody who’s interested to pay attention to the website and apply when the application for class 31 comes out.”

A balcony collapse a few weeks ago at Brigid Place in Marathon has seen the building deemed unsafe. The city stepped in to help move residents out, but housing is needed for those displaced families.

Still said, “The city is dedicated to doing everything we can to help those individuals as best we can. Our hearts go out to them. It’s a horrible situation. We’re just very grateful that no one got hurt and everybody is safe.”

The powerboat races returned to Marathon recently.

Still said, “I think it was a well-organized event. I hope it does come back.”

The sunset celebration from 6 to 9 p.m. on May 19 on the old Seven Mile Bridge has been approved by council recently.  

Still said, “That’ll be a beautiful event. I urge people to attend that as well. It’s great to be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Florida Keys and to celebrate.”

Boat ramp fees for non-residents in Marathon have been collected since April 1.

Still said, “I have an approximate amount since April 1 through our city council workshop last week, just over $75,000 was collected.”

Those funds are going into the general fund.

Still said, “However, city council has at our last workshop discussed coming up with ideas of where those funds would be best used. So we are going to be discussing that in an upcoming meeting to make a determination of where to best use those funds. I encourage the public to reach out to your council members. Let us know what you’re interested in seeing because we will at some point have to vote on that and make some decisions. I would like to hear what our residents think, where they think those funds would best be utilized.”

Funds have also been allocated to non-profits through grants.

Still said, “I’m so proud that at our last city council meeting we actually awarded that money to non-profits that applied and I understand that some of those non-profits have already received those funds. We awarded nearly $100,000. I am very proud that we were able to do that and I’m so proud of my fellow council members that we came together and that we saw a need in our community and saw the benefit of helping these non-profits who are geared more to help in these areas than we are and that we’re able to provide them some resources so they can help.”

The next Marathon City Council meeting will be next Tuesday. For the agenda, click here: https://www.ci.marathon.fl.us/sites/default/files/fileattachments/city_council/meeting/32310/agenda.pdf