Now is the time to interview for the police academy to become a member of the KWPD

Key West Police Chief Sean Brandenburg joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about what’s been going on in the city.

Chief Brandenburg is out and about in Key West a whole lot and shows a real community connection.

Mike Stapleford of KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM said, “You are very, very proficient at being in contact with the community and the citizens.”

Chief Brandenburg said, “I’m honored to be able to make it to these events. I enjoy each and every one of them.”

Citizens can approach the Chief and talk to him about any concerns they might have.

At the Samuel’s House Men of Valor, Women of Integrity event last night, Captain Randy Smith of the Key West Police Department was honored.

Chief Brandenburg said, “Randy and I have worked together pretty much from his first day. He’s very deserving and I’m very proud of him and I thank Samuel’s House for choosing him last night.”

Recruitment is always an issue with the police force.

Chief Brandenburg said, “We talked a year ago about the fact that we were sending people through the academy. The people that actually made it through the academy and the field training program, those folks are just now, today, or in the last couple of weeks have started to hit the road on their own. So it’s a year-long process to make it so they can get out there on their own.”

The Key West Police Force is looking for 12 more officers to send to the academy and applications are being taken now.

Chief Brandenburg said, “When we sponsor someone, we pay you $18 an hour for the hours you’re at the academy and we pay for all the books, the equipment, the tuition, the bullets, the training, everything. We cover all those costs and when you get done with the academy, you’re going to be making a little over $62,000 a year working as a Key West Police Officer.”

The starting pay could go up depending on experience.

The academy should begin in May or June a the College of the Florida Keys and interviews are taking place this week.

Telecommunication spots are also open in the dispatch center. A public safety call taker position is also available, which is a day-time position that’s more like a switchboard operator.

A senior computer system support staff analyst is also available.

Chief Brandenburg said, “You don’t have to just be into police stuff to work here at the police department. We’ve got a lot of stuff that goes on behind the lines. We have a number of opportunities at the Key West Police Department.”

If you are interested in working for the KWPD, call Danyle Gray at 305-809-1087.

Chief Brandenburg noted, “If the city police department isn’t what you’re looking for, I know the sheriff has a number of openings as well.”

A number of people come to Key West for vacation and consider staying.

Chief Brandenburg said, “I did come from Indiana. I was a police officer in Indiana for 12 years before I started my career here in Key West. It was a two-week process to show that I was proficient. There was some book work that I had to do and then I passed the state test and I was able to be a police officer anywhere in the state of Florida. It can be quite an accelerated program if you’re from out of state or if you’re working for another police department here in the state of Florida. It’s a simple, lateral transfer right over here to the Key West Police Department.”

Corrections or law enforcement in the military can also get on a fast track for the KWPD.

Tomorrow begins Autism Awareness month.

Chief Brandenburg said, “If you see an officer wearing a blue badge, that’s in support of Autism Awareness.”

Every Key West Police Officer has been sent to autism training at least once.

Chief Brandenburg said, “We have the autism sensory boxes that every car is equipped with. In the event that we run into an individual that is autistic, there are a number of tools in that box that make that interaction so much more positive. I thank the Autism Society of the Keys for teaming up with the Key West Police Department for making that happen.”

If you are interested in working for the KWPD, call Officer Danyle Gray at 305-809-1087.