The Department of Health is here to help people

Dr. Carla Fry, administrator and health officer at Department of Health of Monroe County joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM to talk about the department’s efforts to help people.

One way the Department of Health is looking to help is by asking residents to participate in a health survey.

Fry said, “We’ve just gotten started with it and it’ll be live up until probably about mid March, at which time we’ll pull down the survey and tally results and then begin to compile those results to look, to see what is the meaningful data that comes out of that. We really need to hear from all of our residents, all the way up and down the Keys, every nook and cranny, all the people that sometimes can be hard to get to because they’re so busy working two or three jobs, all that, but it’s really important that we know, what are their priorities? What do they see as maybe a barrier to good health? How can we help? So really just encourage people to look at that survey. It doesn’t take but about five minutes, and it’ll be great information for us for many years in the future.”

To take the survey, click here:

How is the open enrollment for health insurance going?

Fry said it’s “rather amazing and having already gone on the open enrollment site myself, a couple of times, you go on there and you think your health insurance is going to cost you $400 or $500 a month and for some people, that’s a non starter, but a lot of people qualify for zero monthly co pays, or $10 a month and this is for quality insurance. So it’s really it’s worth talking with Carolyn. It’s worth giving her the information and letting her help to navigate the process to find you the best insurance you can get.”

Health to You is another outreach program that is scheduled at various places throughout the coming year.

Fry said, “We’re as many places as we can get. The next big one will be January the 17th. That’s in Big Pine Key at their beautiful community center. That’s in the Winn Dixie Plaza. Yes, so more details to come on that. But that’ll be our next big event. From there, we’ll be in Key Largo, we’re moving up the Keys, that’ll be February the 3rd. I believe that’s around noon to 3 at Friendship Park, we’ll have a full complement of staff there. We have partners that come with us.”

The holidays can be a tough time for people with depression, but there are people who can help.

Fry said, “One of the things that I think is really great is the 988 number was launched. Via text or via phone call, a person can very quickly reach somebody and that’s 24/7. So feeling suicidal, feeling depressed, feeling that sense of hopelessness or just a lot of anxiety with all of the obligations that the holidays seem to bring. That number is available 24/7. The Guidance Care Center is an excellent resource for us here in the community. We’re really, really lucky to have them.”