The school year is wrapping up and it’s been a great time for Monroe County students

Dr. Sue Woltanski, Vice Chair of the Monroe County School Board member for District 5, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about what’s happening in the district.

The school year is winding down and summer break will be upon us. In fact, today was the last day for seniors and they will graduate next week on Wednesday for Coral Shores, Thursday for Marathon, Friday for Key West High School and all schools will be finished on Friday.

This weekend is the Take Stock in Children graduation in Marathon.

Woltanski said, “That’s a great ceremony to participate in.”

The Key West High School prom is this weekend and Marathon and Coral Shores have already had their proms.

Overall, the school year was quite successful.

Woltanski said, “We’ve had so many kids be successful in so many different ways. Key West High, they got fourth place in the state with their academic challenge teams. We had kids who placed first in science fair.”

This weekend, more than a dozen students are going to the state track and field championship. The Key West softball team is still on the hunt for a state championship.

Woltanski said, “It’s really been an incredible year.”

The senior award night will be held before the graduations.

Woltanski explained, “That’s when you really learn the breadth of success for these kids.”

Several students are going to military academies. One student from Coral Shores will play football for the Navy.

Some students are going on to Ivy League universities.

Woltanski said, “It’s very impressive to see what our little county can do. The other great thing about the senior nights is to see the community come out and celebrate the students and literally give away $1 million of scholarships.”

It looks like $2 million will come to Bruce Hall for new administrative offices in Monroe County.

Woltanski said, “That is critical for moving forward to getting Trumbo converted into affordable housing in Key West.”

The housing will be for district employees and essential city workers.

New principals were named for Key West, Coral Shores and Marathon High School.

Woltanski said, “Every high school will have a principal who is a graduate of that high school.”

Summer school begins on June 5.

Additionally the AHEC dental and health clinics do operate during the summer on a reduced schedule for anyone who needs care.

Woltanski added, “Families should also recognize that every public library has a summer reading program. That’s a great way to get your kids to the library and reading and that really helps them stay ready for next year.”

It means a lot to the students that the community supports the schools.

Woltanski said, “I want people to understand that the kids hear it. The graduation ceremony is just the greatest part of being a school board member to see the culmination of all the efforts. I know that our kids wouldn’t get there if we didn’t have the community support.”

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