Key West traffic driving you crazy? Consider Key West Transit!

Rogelio Hernandez, Operations Manager for Key West Department of Transportation, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about what’s been going on with transportation.

The new work force express route will begin on May 15.

Hernandez said, “It’s a new express route that’s implemented to improve service reliability, schedules and performance.”

It will be one particular route which will run from Stock Island to Bahama Village and there will be designated stops along the way.

Hernandez noted, “Keep in mind we are looking at discontinuing the north and south lines that currently run in Key West and Stock Island…and implementing the new work force express. The good thing about this express, there’s no need for transfers. It will get our riders quicker to their destination. Those that aren’t able to use the work force express can always utilize our new Key West ride service that we implemented back in November.”

Key West rides can be booked via the app or by calling 305-809-3910.

Hernandez said, “It has become a very heavily used, popular service.”

The service utilizes both buses and vans. It will vary, but the riders will know what vehicle is coming to pick them up.

Hernandez said, “The way it works is this is a bus stop to bus stop service. It’ll pick up and drop off at the bus stop closest to your destination and it’s also a shared ride service. So you may board with others in the vehicle or stop to pick up others along the way.”

The Lower Keys shuttle runs on US 1 from Key West to Marathon and there are stops on both sides of the streets.

Hernandez said, “We currently operate 10 trips per day starting at 5:30 in the morning and as late as 9:30 p.m.”

Payments can be accepted either when boarding or on the transit app by getting passes.

Hernandez said, “If you’re going to be utilizing the work force express, it’s $2 each way, however if you purchase a seven day pass which is $8 you can utilize it as many times as you want during those seven days or even better a 31-day pass will cost $25. So you’re paying less than $1 per day. That’s just for full fares. If you qualify for a reduced fare if you’re a senior, it’s even cheaper.”

Key West Transit is looking for drivers and staff.

Hernandez said, “I’m happy to say that we are almost fully staffed, which is unbelievable. However we still are currently looking for temporary or part-time drivers, CDL and both non-CDL. I want to give a shout out to the transit team members for their hard work and dedication to help customers. They do that all with a smile, so big shout out to the team.”

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