This is important Medicaid unwinding information — please read if you have Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP or KidCare

When the pandemic began in 2020, the US Congress enacted the Families First Corona Response Act, which included a requirement that Medicaid have continuous coverage. No one could be canceled out because of the national emergency, but time is up.

Carolyn Thompson, health insurance navigator with the Epilepsy Alliance of Florida, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about Medicaid unwinding.

Thompson said, “That has ended on March 31. So now the continuous coverage is unwinding, as they say. People are going to start getting notifications to do a redetermination for their eligibility. A lot of people are going to fall off. Things have changed in three years. Are they still eligible? Maybe. If not, we have the marketplace.”

The deadline will be on your notification. If your address has changed, make sure the Department of Children and Families has your new address. If they don’t, you won’t get the notification.

Thompson said, “The notification will have the person’s specific deadline information of when to make their redetermination filing and it could just say you’ve been redetermined already because of information that they can find on their own.”

This all includes Medicaid, CHIP and KidCare.

There are also people on Medicare who have Medicaid supplements – they need to be aware as well.

Thompson said, “It’s going to affect millions of people in Florida. It’s widespread.”

Thompson is at the Gato Building for help every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (except for this Thursday). She can also be reached by phone at 877-553-7453.

Thompson said, “I am here to help. If people think they’re losing coverage or have questions about their redetermination, I can get them through the process. It’s what I do.”

The unwinding redetermination is one new part of special enrollment.

Thompson said, “We’re not in open enrollment anymore. Special enrollment has its own set of eligibility, like did you move? Did you have a baby? Did you get married? But there’s two to mention outside of the unwinding. One if you have low income, below the $20,000 mark for a single person, $41,000 below for a family of two, you automatically are eligible for special enrollment and if you’ve lost your coverage since January 2020. If you lost a job, that lost coverage, we can still get you coverage through special enrollment. So it’s not just the Medicaid thing. There’s all different reasons why you need to see me now.”

Medicare is for those 65 or older and it’s kind of like social security.

Thompson said, “You can’t get marketplace if you’re eligible for Medicare. That’s the big thing to know.”

Medicaid is for low income families and there’s very narrow eligibility.

Thompson said, “Pregnant women, children, families with children. Over 65 for long-term care and you can have Medicare, Medicaid at the same time with the savings program. There’s also disability for Medicaid.”

The continuous coverage for Medicaid that was enacted during the pandemic has expired, so you need to know about the status of your coverage.

Thompson said, “You don’t have to figure it out, just come see me at the Gato Building. Over the next 12 months is how this is going to happen. Watch your mail for the yellow stripe. That’s the piece of mail you want.”

You do have options – it’s not hopeless. Thompson can help.

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