Let’s talk turkey! And try to remember not to overindulge

Nikki Sommer, a nurse with Key West Surgical Group, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5 FM for Medical Matters this morning.

It’s time to talk turkey and the overindulgence that can sometimes bring acid reflux and gallbladder issues.

Sommer said, “It can wreak havoc, especially if you have gallbladder disease and you’ve been putting it off. We’ve talked about when you have gallstones. People have that pain and then they want to ignore it and it comes and it goes. Well, when you have holidays or festivities where you are going to overindulge, it can send that gallbladder into overdrive.”

Symptoms can include pain, nausea and even vomiting.

Sommer said, “What sets it off is those high fatty foods, foods high in saturated fat, which in Thanksgiving and Christmas, we tend to have more of those saturated fat rich foods because they’re good.”

Be careful of the meat board appetizers – those meats can be high in fat. So is cheese and ice cream.

Sommer said, “Those deli meats that make up the platter. They’re great, but they’re high in saturated fat. If you if you don’t have gallbladder disease, usually, unless there’s some other underlying health condition, it shouldn’t trigger anything. These are kind of like triggers to upset your gallbladder.”

Turkey is actually low in fat.

Sommer said, “So is chicken or fish. So not all things in Thanksgiving are bad.”

The deep fried turkey is another matter entirely.

Mike Stapleford of KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM insisted, “Oh, it’s great because it seals in all the juices, it’s got kind of the crispy coating and all that stuff. But it’s also pretty dangerous. The hot oil can cause fires and all that kind of stuff and it’s really not good for you, but it does taste good, which is typically the case of things that are bad for you.”

Store bought goods should be monitored, too, because of white flour.

Sommer said, “It’s recommended to bake at home with alternatives to white flour and butter. A lot of people now that have gluten issues, I know they use coconut flour, almond flour, there’s a lot of substitutes.”

Moderation is the key.

Sommer said, “It’s not like saying don’t have it at all. If you have gallbladder disease, you know what foods trigger and don’t. So it’s just eat in moderation. One cookie, not 10.”

High fatty foods will trigger acid reflux.

Sommer said, “Acid reflux and gallbladder disease, they kind of have similar symptoms. Sometimes people will say I’m having terrible acid reflux and then once we do all the testing and process and it doesn’t get better, then sometimes it turns out to be the gallbladder as well and you can have both at the same time, which is no fun either.”

A baked potato might be a good alternative to mashed potatoes.

Sommer said, “Because you can make the potato and put other things on a baked potato to flavor it up besides butter.”

Going with steamed vegetables would be good for gallbladder issues.

Eating slowly with small portions can also help.

Sommer said, “If you wait even 10 minutes, if you can put off going to grab seconds, you’re not as hungry. It’ll pass.”

Also avoiding alcohol can help and snug clothing can exasperate heartburn and acid reflux.

Remember tomorrow that moderation is the key.

Sommer said, “Space it out. Small frequent meals, it’s a hard concept to grasp but it really does digestion wise help your body. Give your tummy a break in between.”

Key West Surgical Group now has the PicoSure laser to help with skin issues.

Sommer said, “When we do the skin revitalization, you are red. It’s a laser. It will make you red, but the downtime is usually 24 to 48 hours. For women they can wear makeup. So it won’t affect any upcoming function. You just need to allow yourself a couple of days of healing but then you’re good to go.”

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