Open enrollment for health insurance starts tomorrow

Carolyn Thompson, ACA Health Insurance Navigator for the Epilepsy Alliance, Florida, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about open enrollment for insurance.

Open enrollment starts tomorrow.

Thompson said, “It goes through January the 15th. But there are really two deadlines in there and those start tomorrow. If you don’t sign up by the 15th of December, you won’t get coverage until February. So there’s a clock ticking here. I’m already filling up with appointments. So there seems to be a lot of interest, which is a good thing. People need to have health insurance.”

Thompson is a federally certified health insurance navigator.

She said, “Open enrollment is the time of year when you can get health insurance. Unless you have a qualifying event, get married, have a kid, that kind of thing, there’s only a certain period of time during the year when you can actually sign up for health insurance. But it’s not just signing up. People have health insurance. It’s the time to make changes, renew your plan, make an assessment. It’s kind of like an annual checkup. Those people who have employer insurance, let’s take a look at that. There’s an affordability test. If it doesn’t work out for you or your family, you might be able to qualify for something else. So it is that time of year to have your checkup on your health insurance.”

Assistance to navigate the field of health insurance is free.

Thompson said, “One of the perks of being an Affordable Cares Act Navigator is that I don’t work on commission. So I give unbiased free assistance to everybody and anybody who needs it, whether it’s just answering questions or getting you enrolled, or helping you set up a doctor’s appointment. It’s a great thing because health insurance provides assistance for your expenses, but it also gives you preventative medicine so that you don’t get sick or have emergencies down the road.”

Appointments can be done over the phone or in person.

Thompson said, “This year I’m in Key West. I am in Big Pine, Marathon and Tavernier. There’s a lot of different dates and various dates. Tuesday, Thursday at the Gato Building here in Key West. Call 877-533-7453 and that will get an appointment directly with me whether it’s on the phone or at a location.”

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Thompson said, “There is a lot of confusion around what health insurance, especially with the marketplace or Affordable Cares Act, Obamacare, whatever what people want to say, four out of five consumers are eligible for health coverage for $10 a month or less. And you cannot be denied health insurance due to pre existing conditions. That law was changed back 10 years ago, and people are still confused about that. We always think that it’s the old school stuff. It’s not. This stuff keeps evolving and it’s accessible and affordable. Check it out. It doesn’t hurt. Give us a call 877-533-7453 I’d be more than happy to help you.”