The State Attorney’s Office deals with all kinds of cases

Monroe County State’s Attorney Dennis Ward joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM this morning to talk about the goings on in his office.

The vote to release Key West City Manager Al Childress from his contract will be investigated and the state attorney’s office will be involved.

Ward said, “We received some complaints and we’re gathering any information that we can to take a look at before we start going, making a determination on which way we’re going to go. I found it to be an interesting meeting. I attended and it was all it was hyped up to be and more. I was a little concerned about you go out and you find another city attorney from another jurisdiction to come in and sit in for you and then you become a witness. That was interesting, but a big turnout by the public. I don’t know what those commissioners were thinking. I’ve never seen a city run like that and I’ve been affiliated or been involved in various municipalities up in Dade County and I just don’t understand why a city attorney would be attending a staff meeting of the city manager. Maybe it’s something new. It was an interesting meeting. It was great turnout by the public. I couldn’t believe that one of the commissioners complained about the time of the meeting and she was the one that set it.”

A child abuse investigation is being wrapped up, where former liveaboards are now being charged and accused of various felony aggravated child abuse, child sexual battery charges, allegedly against their own children over a period of time.

Ward said, “That’s some great work done by Sheriff Ramsey. The feds took custody of this guy, and he pled to 20 years. We reached the conclusion that 20 years, that’s pretty lenient for the horrific crimes that this guy committed. When you read it, it certainly shocks you. I’ve been in the criminal justice system down in South Florida for over 50 years and this one, I think, I’ve seen it all then something like this happens. So this guy needs to go to prison for the rest of his life, because not only does he need to be kept away from other children, but he’s seriously impacted the mental stability of his children and as they get older, studies have shown that usually people that assault and molest children have been assaulted and molested themselves. So this is a situation that’s going to go on for decades, I would imagine. I hope not. I hope there’s some treatment that’ll help these kids. But this guy doesn’t deserve to see the light of day and needs to leave prison in a box. So yeah, that’s a terrible case.”

The bail for the man is more than $2.2 million and the wife is in jail on $550,000 bond.

Ward said, “Yeah, my husband made me do it over and over and over again and she never reported it to the police. Give me a break.”

Resource violations continue to be prosecuted as well.

Ward said, “Every once in a while we get a fishing boat captain or lobster, stone crab boat captain, and those are the ones that are really disappointing. Certainly, every time I see one of those, I ask for jail and you get people whining about well why don’t you go prosecute real crime?”

Michael Stapleford of KeysTalk 96.9/102.5FM pointed out, “If it wasn’t enforced, there’d be no more resources. So certainly we applaud your continuing enforcement and efforts to protect our resources.”

About 140 Haitian migrants were found about 100 yards offshore recently.

Ward said, “Just look at any immigration issues with the administration that we have in there. The language barrier that’s developed in the school system, particularly down in the Key West area with this influx of Haitians that came from nowhere. Where are they living? You look at the statistics, from a six month period from last year into this year, there was 190,000 immigrants that flew into Fort Lauderdale Airport and Miami International Airport and nobody did anything about that? I mean, I know they’re run by Democrats and I mean, are they just a welcoming party? I have no idea and you watch the women and children being raped and murdered all across the country. It’s not going to get any better. It’s going to get worse. It’s a disgusting display of lack of government by the current administration.”

Now there’s apparently a law enacted in Louisiana, where if you’re over 17, and guilty of raping someone under the age of 13, physical castration can be performed upon that perpetrator.

Ward said, “Certainly sends a message. I would imagine, you’ll see a motion regarding cruel and unusual punishment that’s going to come about because of that, and we’ll see how it works its way up the appellate courts. The United States Supreme Court made some pretty good decisions over the last few days. I think the presidents are entitled to immunity for a number of things. I mean, people know when they violate crimes, and that’ll be the issue. I mean, certainly, that’s what they did, they sent it back down to the district court to make a determination on whatever type of immunities is sought, that it applies or doesn’t apply. That happens in cases where police officers are involved in shooting and different government officials, whether they’re acting within the scope of their duties or outside the scope of their duties. So that’s always been a question for lower level government employees and it’s about time that somebody put something together for the office of the president. So we’ll see how that plays out.”

Ward will be serving another term as state’s attorney.

He said, “It’s a pleasure working with the rest the law enforcement community and the people of Monroe County. I mean, we try and make it as safe as possible for them to enjoy their surroundings and enjoy the Florida Keys as well as visitors to the Keys and we strive to be the safest county in the state of Florida.”