Do you have hair in places you would rather not? Key West Surgical Group can help!

Nikki Sommer, a nurse with Key West Surgical Group, joined Good Morning Keys on KeysTalk 96.9/102.5 FM for Medical Matters this morning.

A new hair removal laser has come to Key West Surgical Group.

Sommer said, “We’re super excited. It is called the Elite iQ. I’m so excited. It does hair removal for all skin types, which is really good because a lot of times darker skin tones, you have to be careful when you do hair removal, there are specific settings to target all skin types. So that’s very, very exciting. Spider vein treatment, you get the little spider veins on your face or all over your legs. I have a lot. We can do that. Rosacea and acne. Rosacea is kind of like a vascular type of skin condition. So the Pico laser which is great for skin revitalization, it does not treat rosacea. So now we have a treatment for rosacea.”

The Elite iQ will allow safe, effective hair removal solutions.

Sommer said, “What’s really exciting about this is it comes with a skin tone melanin reader and we’ve talked about the sun and you have laser safety when you’re in the sun and even you once were very light skin tone but because you run around in the sun without sunscreen you appear to be darker. So we have a melanin reader that will help us dictate what are the best settings for you because you have sun exposed skin.”

It’s also suitable for different types of hair, whether thick or thin.

Sommer said, “Except for blonde, gray and red. Unfortunately, the laser cannot target those hair pigments.”

It can also treat acne.

Sommer said, “If you have trouble with acne this laser can help with that. What it does is it shrinks the sebaceous glands, that’s where the oil is produced when you get the acne, meaning that there will be less oil production. So decreasing the occurrence of acne.”

Rosacea is also helped.

Sommer said, “It’s blood vessels under the skin that you appear to have this redness and you might even see the veins sometimes or you just see people with really rosy cheeks. That’s rosacea. So this laser can treat rosacea.”

Even wrinkles could be reduced.

Sommer said, “This also does wrinkle and skin rejuvenation. So we have a couple of different options. We can do the Pico, we could do the Elite iQ. We can target just specific areas.”

Vascular lesions can also be helped.

Sommer said, “That is the spider veins or the broken capillaries. So if you’ve got those spider veins or the broken capillaries on your face, we can hit that with this laser. People get the spider veins on their legs, the little purpley squiggly lines on your legs, those little veins.”

Hair removal can be done basically all over the body.

Sommer said, “You don’t need to go for waxing.”

The Zimmer chiller is another option.

Sommer said, “We’ve got what’s called a Zimmer chiller and that is blows cold air through the laser treatment, so we can actually use it with the Pico and with the Elite iQ, I am super excited. It reduces the amount of heat, you can feel very hot when you get a laser and some people have different pain tolerances. When I had the laser, it wasn’t intolerable, but I have had other people where certain areas, it gets a little hotter, like above the lip, around the forehead, and they’ll say, stop for a second or with tattoo removal, it can get pretty spicy. So Zimmer chiller is going to help calm that down.”

Appointments for the Elite iQ laser will being after July 24.

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